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April 15, 2015  •  1 Comment

Our good friend Marty, from Yuma, Arizona, is friends with Paul Cunningham, the founder of Notch Gear.  After Marty told Paul about Ottosen Photography, Notch Gear decided to send us a couple of their hats.  This was incredibly nice of Notch Gear, and the hats are just awesome.  The hats do exactly as promised, and both Rylan and I love our Notch Gear hats.  You will definitely be seeing us around town in our Notch Gear!


"Everything in the world can and will be made better.  The only question is, 'When and by whom?'"
- Jim Jannard, founder of Oakley


Notch Gear is based in Yuma, Arizona and was founded by former US Marine, Paul Cunningham.  Notch Gear is a company that takes pride in revolutionizing the way we look at traditional headwear.

At Notch Gear, they make the world's greatest and most innovative hats.  They set out to make one of the most worn pieces of headwear on the planet, the baseball cap, even better than it already was.  One of the weaknesses of traditional headwear is that it doesn't permit you to wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses the way you want to, because the brim of the hat interferes with the rims of your sunglasses.  You can't pull the hat down as far as you would like to.  Until now, there wasn't a better alternative than just putting up with the push and shove match between your hat and sunglasses.  Notch Gear took a very common problem and came up with the most practical, attractive solution possible.  Their patent-pending technology effectively eliminates the interference that commonly occurs between your hat and your sunglasses, and it works with most wrap-around style sunglasses, shooting glasses, and safety glasses.

This innovation blurs the line; where does function stop and form start?  Simple.  Bold.  Effective.  The war between your hat and your sunglasses is over.  From military tactical hats or sports hats, Notch Gear ball caps and sports hats offer everything you could need.


For more information or to place an order for your own Notch Gear, head on over to their website:


Source (info and photo): Notch Gear


Marty LaBelle(non-registered)
I hope to see you in action this Friday in Yuma getting those great shots at WTI. The Notch Gear Hats will allow you to tuck up close to your digital photography equipment without fear of bumping the brim or distracting you when your concentration on the perfect shot has you locked in. I cant wait to hear how the Notch Gear Hat becomes an essential part of the Ottosen Photography team.
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