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scarlet macawscarlet macaw
Rylan and I recently visited the Phoenix Zoo.  We really enjoy going to the Zoo, but Phoenix can be hot on occasion and so we only make it about once per year.  It's always fun to take a camera or two and photograph the animals, and this visit was no exception.  Whenever we visit the Zoo, it is always my goal to photograph the African Lions.  But they never seem to cooperate, and during this visit they were not about to disturb their afternoon nap to pose for me.  We moved over to the Mandrills, but they were too busy hiding in the shade to worry about the photographer begging for them to come out into the sunlight and put on a show just for him.  We then walked next door to the Hamadryas Baboon enclosure, here we found a few females, out in the open, cleaning each other and one big male at the back of the enclosure.  We decided it was time to wait and see what the male would do.  It didn't take too long, and boy did he put on a show for us.  After he was done with his nap, he came out, climbed on top of a large rock, and let out a huge yawn.  The result was our favorite photo of the day.


hamadryas baboonhamadryas baboonMale


According to the Phoenix Zoo, as a non-profit charitable organization the Phoenix Zoo provides experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.

The Zoo has served more than 42 million people since opening in 1962 and more than 1.5 million people visit the Zoo annually. The Zoo is located on 125 acres in Phoenix's Papago Park, with 40 acres currently developed and is home to more than 1,400 animals including more than 30 different endangered or threatened species from around the world. The Zoo has approximately 100 viewing exhibits on four Zoo trails: Africa, Arizona, Children's, and Tropics; more than 1,200 plant varieties that make up the botanical collection; and participates in 37 Species Survival Plans to breed and maintain endangered species.


To learn more about the Phoenix Zoo, or to plan your own visit, head on over to their Website:


I guess we'll be making another visit in about a year to have another attempt at catching those African Lions.


jaguarjaguar hamadryas baboonhamadryas baboonFemale white rhinoceroswhite rhinoceros
african lionafrican lionFemale   spotted-necked otterspotted-necked otter


Information provided by the Phoenix Zoo.


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