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March 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

king of heartsking of hearts Rylan now has her own personal website, King of Hearts.  This is where she will be posting information about her modeling shoots, books that she is writing, products that she is creating, her blog, and her Love Letters project that she is currently doing for the Phoenix VA Health Care System.


In her own words, "King of Hearts represents mastering one’s heart. Life is a great teacher which has allowed me to open my heart to God and others. Dreams, magic, and miracles are alive and well, and will present themselves at any moment. You must be open to welcome such blessings, and believe.

I am passionate about the arts, the beauty of the world, a deeper understanding of life, and the joy in laughter. I also navigate the world through logic and the curiosity of knowledge."


I am very proud of her Love Letters project that she is currently doing for the Phoenix VA Health Care System.  She puts a lot of time and effort into each and every letter that she donates to the Phoenix VA, and she is looking to expand this project to other hospitals.  To date, Rylan has completed and donated 2,600 Love Letters to the Phoenix VA, and she continues to create and donate 200 each and every month.  Rylan said, "Love Letters was started from my own personal journey of wisdom and quotes. Originally I wrote my messages on small sheets of paper, then I decided to make it in a shape of a heart, which went along with the motto, “From my heart to yours, healing one heart at a time.” I have a long history of charity work with the military, and decided to revisit it again. I now create 200 hand-written creative “Love Letters” every month for the VA Hospital patients here in Phoenix, Arizona."


For more information, please visit King of Hearts to see everything that Rylan is working on.


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