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Arizona Aviation Photographers (AzAP)

July 30, 2017  •  2 Comments

north american b-25j mitchellnorth american b-25j mitchellMaid in the Shade In 2009 I Co-Founded the Arizona Aviation Photographers (AzAP) with my good friend Joe Copalman, and AzAP has been growing strong ever since.  There are currently over 150 members and over 14 MILLION page views.  It's awesome to be part of such a great group of photographers, and I have made many amazing friends.  It's even through AzAP that Rylan and I first met.  With AzAP growing steadily over the years, and it has opened many doors for us, both personally and professionally, and has allowed us to support military aviation.



AzAP was established in June of 2009, and has become the most renowned and largest group of aviation photographers in the State of Arizona.  AzAP provides a means for Arizona-based photographers to record and preserve the southwest’s rich aviation heritage, both current and historical.  And AzAP also serves as an aviation-media resource for news media, museums, military, and the aerospace industry.


AzAP’s membership is composed of Arizona-based photographers with a shared interest in aviation. Many members are veterans of the armed forces, others work in the aerospace field, some work as full-time professional photographers, some are pilots, and others are aviation enthusiasts with a passion for photography.


AzAP has also published a book, The Out-of-Towners: NAF El Centro Through the Lenses of the Arizona Aviation Photographers.  The Out-of-Towners takes the reader on a visual tour of Naval Air Facility El Centro, covering everything from the Blue Angels' winter training to the sailors and contractors who keep the base running to the Navy, Marine, and allied training detachments that visit the base on a regular basis.  At 60 pages in length and available as a softcover, hardcover, or eBook, the book features the work of twenty-nine AzAP photographers and documents four years worth of visits to NAF El Centro.  All the proceeds from the sale of The Out-of-Towners is used to directly benefit the sailors aboard NAF El Centro.




Ottosen Photography

That was an awesome afternoon and evening! It was great to see your P-3 out at Luke, and then shoot at Scottsdale.

Thanks for the kind words about our little band of photographers, and we wish you were more local too.

Scott Shea(non-registered)
I have to say, of all the groups I have affiliated or shot with, by far, you guys are the gold standard! I very much enjoyed our Scottsdale outing back in 2011, and the evening shoot at SDL that followed. Although the key to the interior was in Las Vegas ( to me), I'm happy to have been a part of providing a topic matter at one point too (P-3).
You guys have a top notch organization that I am thrilled to be considered to be apart of! I wish I was more local to participate more often!
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