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The Ottopilot Universal Tablet Kneeboard creates a hands-free environment, and is designed for the professional who doesn't need the hassle of protective cases. The sleek, ergonomic design is made from high impact plastic and aluminum that offers superior strength and durability. The Ottopilot's curved base is ideal for use on any leg, desk, headrest, and many other surfaces. The Push-Button Hinge offers the ultimate experience for tablet users, providing a full tablet spin and three different tilt positions for a perfect tablet view. The Ottopilot platform contains dual spring-loaded arms that will expand to fit over 50+ tablets, including such popular brands as all Apple iPad generations, Kindle Fire, Nook, Samsung and many more. The platform arm design allows for easy access to charging ports, headphone jack, camera, and tablet buttons. The platform and curved base also contain a 1/4” mounting insert for easy windshield mounting with most suction cup brands. Twist and pull on the Ottopilot's platform to detach for easy tablet storage in any bag.